6 Reasons to come to our office

1. Emphasis on dental education: our clinical staff takes time to educate our patients. We make sure they understand what we are recommending by using examples and simplifying dentistry. A lot of patients tell us that no one has explained to them dental findings before and they appreciate it.

2. Very timely. We take appointment time seriously so we make sure patients don't wait in the waiting room for more than maximum 10 minutes. Even patients who comes in early for their appointment, we try to seat them right away because we respect their time, people are busy, and we want to make sure we have enough time to do our jobs right.

3. Minimally invasive. We try to be conservative as possible in terms of our treatment planning.

4. Our staff really know the patients and their personal lives. Some of the patients have been coming for over 30 years and they don't live near the neighborhood anymore. Our exams tend to be little longer because we like to get to know the patients as a person. This helps to treatment plan more effectively and makes our jobs more meaningful.

5. Convenient location. We are right next to Amazon and other corporate offices. In addition, we have close relationship with our next door offices, who are perio, endo, ortho. Therefore, patients can come to one location for all their specialty needs.

6. Our ambiance is a small town office in a metropolitan location. Our office doesn't have fancy decor nor big marketing budget. We focus on becoming personable and readily available for patients. I grew up in a small town, and my dentist was always available for questions. I want to do the same.

What Every Patient Can Expect

At our practice, every patient can expect to be treated with prompt service at their specified appointment time. Our patients can also look forward to a comfortable experience. We understand that visiting a new dentist can be stressful, which is why our practice works to actively to accommodate all patients and alleviate any fears they may have about a new dentist or dentistry treatments. Familiarizing yourself with our practice, services, and our dentist is a great first step to creating a long term and comfortable experience with dentistry.